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Your Experience

"I was pleasantly surprised to discover such a courteous and helpful team at WMS.  I knew nothing about catheters, but I'm glad WMS did!  You were so great in helping me find the right catheter system.  My local representative even delivered samples to my home.  I wish all healthcare worked the way WMS does!  Thank You!  

                         - WMS Patient, Florida Resident

Patients First and Foremost...Always!


Our guiding principle is, "Patients First and Foremost...Always!".  A vital component of this philosophy  means offering full catheter choice.  If you've ordered urological supplies from other providers in the past you may have experienced the opposite of this.  Many suppliers will only offer traditional lubricant catheters to their patients.  This is widespread because it is the cheapest option for supply companies to fill prescriptions.  At Wilmington Medical Supply we value our patients and are honored to be able to serve and advocate for you.  We promise to offer you a full-array of alternatives in catheter supplies including hydrophyllic catheters (at no extra cost to you).  We believe every patient deserves this choice and we will continue to work to offer the highest quality products to you.  If you've been asked to switch your catheters, or told you don't qualify because of insurance coverage or any other reason, please contact us and we would happily go to work for you too.

Patient Feedback

Survey Results


Serving you is our top priority, and we strive to make every personal interaction count.  Here are the results of an ongoing survey we use to measure our performance in providing top of the line products and an unparalleled patient experience.


WMS exclusive attention to and in- depth training in urology gives us the confidence to quantify every patient experience. Our guiding principle of "Patients First and Foremost...Always!" is clearly evident as we rank an average score of 4.7/5.0 across our in-depth patient surveys, where the 5.0 correlates to "exceptional service" (as opposed to some whose maximum scale is "satisfactory")

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