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Patients First and Foremost...Always!

The WMS Mission

Wilmington Medical Supply has been serving patients with urological needs for over 35 years. We provide quality, personalized care and customer service.  Our motto is straightforward : "Patients First and Foremost...Always!"


​Through our partnership with leading manufacturers, Wilmington Medical Supply is able to offer you the right product that best suits your needs.


The WMS team is passionate about serving patients.  Our team is dedicated to patients and health care providers, with a promise to honor your choice in catheterization products.  WMS is proud of our work in promoting the highest quality products available and working for our patients to make sure they continue to receive them.  If you have been asked by other supply companies to change your preference for products, please let us know.  We often find that patients are asked or forced to choose products that are in the best interest of the supply company, not the patient.  WMS will advocate for you.  Even if you've been told you're insurance doesn't cover your choice of product, we can still help.  Just contact us to get started.

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